Jiri Neudert aka Upeer photoblog http://photo.upeer.com Amateur Photographer's blog en Jiri Neudert aka Upeer photography. All rights reserved. Slamenka Chalet, Dolni Morava (captured 2015-05-09) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=slamenka-chalet-dolni-morava Slamenka Chalet, Dolni Morava Sandra (captured 2014-08-08) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=sandra Woman's portrait Jadran (captured 2014-08-21) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=jadran Yacht on the Jadran sea Traveler (captured 2014-06-28) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=traveler Woman on the road waiting for a car Niva (1:72) (captured 2014-05-12) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=niva-172 Lada Niva Scale Model 1:72 Vysocina (captured 2014-05-10) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=vysocina Countryside view (on the bike trip) Early Morning (captured 2014-04-26) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=early-morning Children sitting in the window early morning Daughter Zuzi (captured 2014-04-13) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=daughter-zuzi Portrait of the Little girl hidden in the plastic balls Cyclocross Racer (captured 2013-11-10) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=cyclocross-racer Man racing on Cyclocross Bike MTB Racer (captured 2013-08-24) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=mtb-racer Man racing on Mountain Bike Thunderstorm (captured 2013-05-19) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=thunderstorm Thunderstorm night in Policka town Daughter Zuzana (captured 2012-11-05) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=daughter-zuzana Sleeping baby hand detail. Simon (captured 2012-07-30) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=simon Small boy playing in the grass. Lucy King feat. Matthew Newhundred LIVE (captured 2012-05-20) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=lucy-king-feat-matthew-newhundred-live Two babies photostory looking like concert. Hot Coffee. Cool Idea! (captured 2011-11-04) http://photo.upeer.com/?photo=hot-coffee-cool-idea Nice woman on a coffee advertisement.